For a long time, celebrities have been used to promote brands, products, and services with varying degrees of success, and the cryptocurrency space is no exception. In recent years, celebrities in the entertainment industry have been making waves in the cryptocurrency space to endorse or invest in projects, tokens, and businesses. Some people stayed, some disappeared, and some fell into the hot water because they entered the bowl of blades.

In 2020, celebrities from all walks of life joined the competition, and as always, the cryptocurrency community has been overstating new immigrants and their participation. So let’s take a look at the most famous celebrities who joined, left and showed increased interest in the cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2020.

Akon: a vision of a cryptocurrency city in Africa
Senegalese American music star Akun is loved around the world, not only for his early accomplishments, but also for his philanthropic and entrepreneurial spirit over the years. Its “Lighting in Africa” program has helped provide solar energy solutions to 28 countries on the continent and has also become a champion in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

In 2018, Akon revealed his intention to launch a cryptocurrency called Akoin, which would become the original currency of the future city he plans to build in his hometown of Senegal. Two years later, these plans were finally realized and made public.

According to reports, as a gift, Macky Sall, chairman of Sekonia, built Akon City into a $ 6 billion cryptocurrency town, spanning 2,000 acres. The city is located near Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

The first phase of construction of Aykon is expected to begin in the coming months and be completed by the end of 2023. The construction contract has been awarded to an American engineering company.

The first phase will consist of building basic infrastructure including roads, waste management services and solar power plants, in addition to hospital campuses, shopping malls, residential areas, hotels and police stations. In addition, the first phase also designated parks, sports grounds, industrial complexes and universities. The city will also depend heavily on renewable solar energy.

According to detailed information from the project’s white paper, it is expected that the second phase will be developed within five years from 2024 to 2029, and it is only in the economy supported by the cryptocurrency Akoin that the creation and the operation of Akon City will be able to achieve their goal. peak and ecosystem.

While Akon may become the City of Life, Breath, and Cryptocurrency in 2030, Akon’s vision and ability to put it into practice in 2020 will undoubtedly place him at the top of this list.

Game of Thrones draws Maisie Williams to Bitcoin community
The final season of “Game of Thrones” may be boring for many fans, but its actual characters and actors are loved by many people around the world. Maisie Williams, who played the young but deadly Arya Stark in the TV series, is another celebrity who joined the cryptocurrency community in 2020.

In November last year, Williams asked 2.7 million Twitter followers if they should ‘buy bitcoin’. The vote garnered over 900,000 votes, 3,400 retweets, 3,700 comments and 16,000 likes.

Although 53% of voters voted “no” at the end of December, several influencers from cryptocurrency, blockchain and other fields added two years to the position.

Popular podcast host Peter McCormack Williams (Peter McCormack Williams) said in a comment that “Bitcoin has nothing else” and gave a very intense response, and Barry Silbert (Barry Silbert) suggested that when Williams explored investing in grayscale digital currency, he spoke of deadly suffering. Named “Grayscale” in “Game of Thrones”. Trust-Assets application.

In the end, Williams made the decision, “Buy it anyway.” Arya Stark (Arya Stark) always does something on her own.

An exceptional artist, Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton is a famous American star, actress, model, reality TV star, DJ and singer. He has also become a popular entrepreneur with several retail companies.

In 2017, Hilton entered the cryptocurrency space at the height of the ICO frenzy. In a series of now-deleted Twitter messages, Hilton expressed interest in the LydianCoin ICO and subsequently fell into a serious legal dispute.

Source: CoinTelegraph