Canada’s Conservative Party candidate for prime minister, Pierre Boliver, has urged Canadians to use bitcoin (BTC) as the country’s legal currency.

YouTube channel BITCOIN on Tuesday posted a Poilievre video saying Canadians need “more financial freedom” in front of an audience of about 100 at a local restaurant. “This includes the freedom to own and use cryptocurrencies, tokens, smart contracts and decentralized finance,” he added.

“People should be free to choose other money. If the authorities misuse our money, we should have the right to use other, better money.”
Earlier this year, the Canadian government, led by Liberal Party Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, took a hard line on cryptocurrencies in response to the Freedom Caravan protests in Ontario. In January and February, Canadian officials froze protesters’ bank accounts and attempted to block all donations to truck drivers, including those made in cryptocurrencies.

Canadian Blockchain Consortium (CBC) CEO Kolya Carringen told Cointelegraph on Tuesday that there is currently a “hostile environment from the liberal government towards cryptocurrencies” that is “due to a lack of knowledge, understanding and regulatory clarity.” “.

“It is important to have a strong advocacy position to keep the government informed about blockchain. When they see the level of tax revenue, they want to know that this is not an industry for criminals, this is an industry for innovation.”
Carringen believes that after the complications caused by the introduction of the state of emergency law by Prime Minister Trudeau in February, there are more cryptocurrency holders. The non-profit organization Catalyst said Feb. 23 that these complications could resemble a stampede for banks.

Despite his enthusiasm, Poialivre’s support for cryptocurrencies still resonates with a small group of Canadians. Last October, analytics firm Ipsos determined that only about 14% of Canadian citizens over the age of 18 own cryptocurrencies. However, this number has increased from 3% in 2016, indicating a huge growth rate.

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Adoption prospects look bright as Ipsos also found that about 25% of adult Canadians are considering buying cryptocurrency in the future. This sentiment is in line with a study published by Cointelegraph in January, which concluded that out of 1,000 Canadian respondents, 62% would be interested in being paid in crypto by 2027.

Karringen shares the optimistic forecast for the use of cryptocurrencies in Canada. She said there has been a “significant increase” in interest from residents in Alberta, where CBC operates. She added:

“Banks can no longer ignore this. Politicians can no longer ignore this. They all start asking, “How can we accept this?” “

Source: CoinTelegraph