Those unfamiliar with blockchain can quickly assume that its use is focused on financial services. However, this is just a simple application of how technology can help accelerate traditional business practices. Other examples include secure storage and transmission of medical records that enable transparency in food supply chains and rapid processing in the insurance industry, to name a few.

This use is possible because the blockchain is configured as a distributed ledger connected to nodes. Since each node contains a copy of this public ledger, the blockchain can ensure that all transmitted information is correct. It also offers advantages such as cost savings by eliminating the middleman that would have previously been used for verification purposes.

While there are many uses, companies lack an understanding of how the technology is used in their own operations. Since blockchain is still an emerging technology, many do not understand any of the technical aspects of its use, how it can be used for maximum benefit, or where they can find the skills needed to bring the concept to life.

BlueskyINTEL (BSI) sees a lack of knowledge as a barrier to market entry and is committed to helping companies of all sizes, regardless of industry, understand what this technology can mean for them. The team directly addressed concerns about the technology divide between businesses and the blockchain, and as a result, they are now announcing the launch of their online sharing platform. blueskyINTEL will guide companies on the fundamentals of the technology, its value and its ability to align with the group’s future operating plans.

blueskyINTEL is just one of the larger Bluesky Digital Assets Corporation (BSDA) business diversification initiatives, a company that supports the long-term goal of using its success as a digital mining organization as a foundation for further growth. BSDA is currently publicly traded in Canada under the BTC bar: CSE and under BTCWF in the US, and is primarily known for its success in digital mining and the many facilities that are still operating to this day.

For everything related to blockchain
The beta launch site is available to companies as a first step out of the company’s more extensive plans to implement the entire blockchain, a possible effort as the team invites the growing community to participate.

According to CEO Ben Gelfand,

The BSI website will bring together blockchain solution providers, experts and influencers, with the goal of providing value and solutions to organizations looking to implement the blockchain roadmap for their businesses. This is an example of our commitment to being more than just a successful cryptocurrency mining company and maintaining the ongoing diversification of our business. ”

The proposed process begins step-by-step as the company learns the basics of blockchain, including a deeper assessment of how it works. From there, companies can move on to finding solutions that will serve as the basis for developing an industry-specific execution strategy. This strategy can then be enhanced with more realistic use cases from a list of solution providers, all with the ultimate goal of helping business owners adopt next generation technologies for their own use.

Complementary partnerships provide a complete solution
As the community continues to unite, the team has shared the full production release date with advanced features that will be available over the next two quarters.

The success of the project depends on a heterogeneous network. As such, blueskyINTEL is committed to further partnerships with some of the largest blockchain resources in the industry and is relying on its extensive knowledge as a good foundation for teams to begin their journey.

Source: CoinTelegraph