Join Cointelegraph Lead and analyst Benton Yaun with domestic market experts Jordan Finneset and Marcel Pehman for the latest market news this week. Here’s what to expect in this week’s market news report:

Bitcoin (BTC) has seen its smallest correction in a year so far, falling only 17% from the all-time high. Does that mean we might be heading to a Santa Claus meeting in December?
The PlanB model that was on the ground could not reach the goal at the end of November. This is the model’s first mistake in its 10-year history. However, the creator does not give up, and gives him another month to fix it. Was the panic caused by the Corona virus or other factors that caused him to miss the target?
It looks like money is continuing to flow into Metaverse. Metaverse Ventures sold $ 106 million worth of land last week. Is this the next big hit in the area of ​​non-financial tokens (NFT)?
Following the market news update, broadcasters spoke with special guest Gareth Soloway about the current Bitcoin market cycle, inflation and how the S&P 500 will affect cryptocurrencies if they crash.

Using insights from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, a platform for cryptocurrency traders looking to stay ahead of the market, Cointelegraph experts highlight two altcoins that have emerged this week: Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Terras LUNA.

Finally, Cointelegraph Markets Analyst Pechman discusses the cause of the regulatory uncertainty that may be the cause of Bitcoin’s recent reform. US Secretary of State Janet Yellen and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell have promised to establish a regulatory framework as soon as possible, and on November 12, the Securities and Exchange Commission rejected VanEck’s proposal to set up a bitcoin exchange fund. Is there any hope of clarifying regulatory requirements over the next six months?

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Source: CoinTelegraph