The Department of Identity, Immigration and the Venezuelan Foreign Service, known as SAIME, recently started accepting Bitcoin (BTC) to obtain passports from Venezuelan citizens living abroad. So far, officials have suspended a new payment method without explanation.

People on social networks have reported that the SAIME website now says this type of payment is “temporarily not working”.

No official response from SAIME yet
Spanish newspaper Cointelegraph has sent a request to local authorities via Twitter asking why the payment type stays when published in the press offline.

SAIME officials have never officially announced adding Bitcoin payments to Venezuelans who live abroad, nor have they confirmed that the payment method has been permanently deleted.

Authorities made a vague statement on Twitter that citizens “who live abroad have access to those who offer the site” can still pay Venezuelans who live in the country to apply for a passport using Blockroain Petro.

American credit card franchises cannot do business in Venezuela
Credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, have emerged as alternative payment options. Since then, US sanctions against the regime of Nicholas Maduro have prevented companies such as Visa from doing business in Venezuela.

Source: CoinTelegraph