Join Cointelegraph Lead and Analyst Benton Yoon with Local Market Experts Jordan Fineest and Marcel Bichmann in Market Report – Now Streaming! Here’s what to expect from the news market crash this week:

The whales have been busy moving record amounts of Bitcoin (BTC). How will this affect prices?
According to Bobby Lee, former CEO of BTCC, Bitcoin is long overdue in its “FOMO rally” to new all-time highs. Does the application have merits?
Despite China’s attack on the crypto industry last week, it looks like Bitcoin nodes are still operating in the People’s Republic of China, further proving Bitcoin’s resilience.
Polygon’s daily active addresses briefly outpaced those of the on-air rooms. Could this be a turning point for the web?
Trader Gareth Soloway then joins the show to discuss the recent relationship between BTC and the stock market, his feelings about the current market situation, and his analysis of BTC’s price movement.

Cointelegraph market analyst Pechman then gives a detailed explanation of hash rate, which is a measure of the processing power of the network mining process. What does 100 exahash per second really mean and how does Bitcoin compare to other networks?

Using insights from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, a platform for cryptocurrency traders who want to stay one step ahead of the market, Cointelegraph experts highlight two cryptocurrencies that emerged this week: CELO and RGT.

He then moves on to a second assignment for the show’s experts, this time from Cointelegraph market analyst Finneset. It provides insight into how the Chinese ban is affecting decentralized exchanges and the Decentralized Financial System (DeFi).

The latter is the interactive Q&A part of the presentation. If you have a question related to cryptocurrency, and you cannot find the answer to it, then this video is for you! Just enter your question in the chat and Cointelegraph specialists will adapt it for you!

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Source: CoinTelegraph