BTC helps our effort to unseat a 20+ year incumbent: Aarika Rhodes on Bitcoin Day


Erica Rhodes, an elementary school teacher turned congressional candidate, recently attended the Bitcoin Day Sacramento 2022 event to discuss the impact of Bitcoin (BTC) on local politics.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Rhodes emphasized that it is difficult for ordinary candidates like her to compete with well-known members of the US Congress.

“Had it not been for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, a popular campaign like ours wouldn’t have gone this far with this amount of cash at this point in the race, especially as a full-time elementary school teacher,” she explained. . . Speaking about her campaign, Rhodes added:

“This [BTC] allows us to continue trying to slow down after more than 20 years of inactivity.”

Rhodes also believes that the role of local businesses in accelerating mass adoption of BTC is a “minor economic matter.” By allowing small and medium businesses to accept payments in bitcoin, the community is refraining from buying bitcoin anywhere else, and according to a congressional candidate, this is a way to revitalize the local economy.

As a full-time elementary school teacher, Rhodes is a first-class witness to the economic and social challenges faced by students, families, and teachers:

“As a teacher living on paycheck to paycheck with no family money, I am risking everything to spin a seated man who currently has less than $4 million in cash on hand. We don’t need millions of dollars to win.”
Rhodes also highlighted the lack of understanding among politicians who oppose and fear the current adoption of Bitcoin. “Those who take the time to study begin to understand that this is the future,” she added. In addition, Rhodes believes that the integrated Bitcoin Lightning network can reduce the cash flow shortage and market saturation faced by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Politicians who oppose bitcoin are of the same brand as those who oppose the internet. It is also an indication of where they get their money from.”
Rhodes also reiterated that the traditional system, along with the out-of-touch thinking of American politicians, was designed to keep people poor and concluded:

“I want us to be remembered for who we work for: the American people. I am willing to offer all the good ideas and risk everything to make a difference. I am happy to see others do the same.”
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Source: CoinTelegraph


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