According to a recent announcement, privacy-focused Brave browser will soon integrate a dedicated Binance Smart Chain wallet that will open the DeFi BSC system to browser users.

While Brave can already be configured to manually migrate to the Binance smart chain, it is expected to add a pre-built wallet to simplify the process and does not require special apps, wallets, or additional steps.

Meanwhile, the icon in the center of the bold browser, the Basic Attention Token (BAT), has been made BSC-compliant in the form of Wrapped BAT (WBAT). Wrapping is the process by which tokens from one blockchain system can be represented in another system. The most popular example is Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) on Ethereum, where the former is technically compatible with the advanced operations of the latter.

“We hope BAT and Brave will bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream and make DeFi easy for the mass market,” said Brendan Esch, CEO and co-founder of Brve.

Brave is reported to have over 25 million monthly active users and over 7 million daily active users. The browser emerged as an alternative to the regular browsers, providing increased privacy, less tracking, and the ability to choose which ads the user chose.

Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem Coordinator Xiaoguang Zhang shares Brendan Eich’s view that Brave’s Binance Smart Chain integration will also inspire DeFi adoption and cryptocurrencies.

“Through this strategic integration between Brave Browser and Binance Smart Chain, we will jointly provide a seamless user experience for cryptocurrencies to access DeFi and Dapps on BSC and other blockchains, which will greatly inspire mass adoption and mass financing,” Zhang said. …

Like many altcoins, the value of the primary Attention Token rose to a new permanent high in 2021. Between January and March alone, the BAT rate rose 515% against the US dollar, rising from around $ 0.20 to $ 1.27 after publication. …

Source: CoinTelegraph