Bitminer Factory, Italy’s second largest bank, UniCredit and Bitcoin (BTC), met in a court in the Bosnian city of Banja Luka, which ruled that the bank had incorrectly closed the company’s account and had to pay 131 million euros (approximately 144 million dollars). ) in compensation. claimant.

According to La Repubblica on Monday, the Banja Luka court ruled that the Bosnian branch of UniCredit had no legal reason to freeze operations on the Bitminer Factory Gradiska LLC account. Bitminer Factory estimated the losses at 131 million euros, claiming that closing the accounts “complicates the initial coin offering (ICO) in relation to a start-up project in the renewable energy sector for crypto-mining in Bosnia-Herzegovina.” The court accepted this figure.

In its defense, UniCredit referred to the “inability to engage with cryptocurrency providers and exchange platforms.” According to the court decision, however, this claim was not confirmed by the bank’s written guidelines.

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UniCredit has already submitted an appeal and calls the allegations unfounded:

“It is not final, binding and unworkable. The decision on the potential liability of Ucbl will only be made after the final result of all available procedural remedies, and in any case not until a final and binding decision has been submitted by the Court of Appeal. ”

The previous controversy over digital assets occurred in January 2022, when UniCredit was forced to officially reject a separate tweet, stating that it had not prevented its customers from investing in cryptocurrencies and would not close their accounts to invest in digital assets.

Source: CoinTelegraph