Bloktopia is a level 21 virtual skyscraper in Metaverse with a capacity of 21 million bitcoins (BTC). Holders of their BLOK tokens will be called Bloktopians. Users will be able to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFT), buy digital ad slots, own real estate and more in Bloktopia’s virtual reality. Meanwhile, Bloktopians can also make money by selling or renting out virtual skyscraper property to interested buyers.

Blocktopy in the game. Source: Bloktopia
The project, which will be launched in 2022, is based on the Polygon Network, Ethereum’s tier 2 infrastructure development network. In addition, the Elrond blockchain hash protocol will be Bloktopia’s main tenant, with the virtual headquarters displayed on the first level where all players are deployed. During an exclusive Ask Me Everything (AMA) session with Cointelegraph Markets Pro users on Discord, Bloktopia co-founder and CMO Paddy Carroll discussed key aspects of his virtual ecosystem:

Cointelegraph Markets Pro: First of all, how can ordinary people access Metaverse? Do you need special glasses? How do you move and interact?

Buddy Carroll: We’ll make the Bloktopia record as accessible as possible. We are completing our roadmap and will share it soon. We are planning a version with VR glasses and a downloadable version over time.

CT Markets Pro: Where is Bloktopia now? What should I do next?

PC: We are building floors 1 and 6 and a hall. We will hold more events in the near future. We hope the Bloktopia beta will be ready by March 2022.

CT Markets Pro: What is a Polygon? How effectively does Bloktopia control the project?

PC: People have probably heard of Polygon? If not, Polygon is a scalable solution that aims to provide more tools to increase speed as well as reduce the cost and complexity of blockchain network transactions. We are building on this Blocktopia. He does not control Bloktopia. [This] makes transactions easier.

CT Markets Pro user: A long time ago too: 1) I was one of the lucky winners of ReBlock’s Google Forms, no reports about it. 2) I save my BLOK money to buy ReBlok at level 1; I even chose some of their cards that were released last month, but now this work with JOBE has been put to use. I do not know when the real plot sale will take place. 3) Last month I heard that a Bloktopia wallet is coming, but it is not there yet. I would like, if possible, to contact us regarding the above things. Thanks.

PC: As you mentioned, we made a statement regarding tokens, which I think you acknowledged clarified your initial opinion. To answer other questions, it all boils down to the fact that Bloktopia NFT land sales portal is still under construction and not yet ready for release. But I hope it is ready very soon. This is not all I promise.

CT Markets Pro user: Will there be more skyscrapers in Bloktopia? Geographically or chronologically? How important is virtual reality to the experience? Where should you start your main target audience? Centrality in Metaverse sounds like an oxymoron. When did you realize you wanted something?

PC: We have no plans for other skyscrapers at the moment. Virtual reality is part of our thinking, but not necessary. The main target group is anyone who is interested in cryptocurrency. We like the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and do not want to change them, but ultimately it is fragmented and time consuming; Bloktopia gathers everything to make things easier. This does not change the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies. When we realized that this is a big problem in the world of cryptography, and started talking a lot with people who agreed, we realized that we were in on something.

CT Markets Pro User: Can you tell us more about BlokPad? There are many game starters and a Metaverse board. So what’s unique about you (other than what people BLOCK for this reason).

PC: This is of course the new launch ramp that we just announced this week. We have a lot of reading material about BlokPad on our media. We are in a position where we have a Metaverse that will contain hundreds of the best crypto projects. We also had one of the most successful IDO (Initial Decentralized Exchange) offers ever. Therefore, projects ask us for help, and we have a proven formula. We are lucky: we are selective and choose only the best projects on the market. So of course we now have another BLOK tool, which is great.

CT Markets Pro: is there an NFT market inside Metaverse? Is this exclusive to Bloktopia, or can other projects create their own?

Source: CoinTelegraph