The world of cryptocurrency contains many nuances that are unknown to new users, which makes it increasingly difficult for users to navigate it. Crypto Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube contribute to the coin ecosystem by providing users with inconsistent information.

Fortunately, the term “metaverse” can gather information. Simply put, this mineral aims to integrate interconnected experiences into a simple virtual environment. These isolated interactions are then created in a way that makes sense to the user.

For example, the user can explore in-game art and video by entering a virtual museum, just one room in a large virtual world. The user then engages in the experience as a knowledge-hungry avatar in an effort to improve his or her position in life through educational attainment and high-value assets. While this is just an example, the concept of the metaverse is clearly illustrated by combining experiences that seem to be isolated to identify each of the most valuable individual parts (such as digital asset ownership and video viewing).

While many are still quick to classify the metaverse app as a game, its use far exceeds educational or commercial applications with more entertainment power than the original Pong video game. Thus, with proper configuration, inconsistent data can be eliminated, giving users the ability to access all information related to cryptocurrencies from one place.

Bloktopia is a virtual reality induction that enables users to learn, earn, play and create. The platform itself provides users with content to teach basic and most advanced crypto concepts from the world’s leading minds, generate income from real estate (including rental) and advertising, play online games and build networks, and four isolated experiences. Taken together, users will have the opportunity to become part of the community that defines the future use of cryptocurrencies.

When asked about progress so far, Bloktopia CEO Ross Tavakoli said, “We’re overwhelmed with the interest we’ve received from investors and excited to be able to complete our funding round with some fantastic backers.”

A skyscraper full of knowledge
In fact, the Bloktopia platform is designed to be a skyscraper with 21 different levels – recognition of 21 million Bitcoin (BTC). Each token holder in this setup will be referred to as a “blocktopist” who can then interact in a central hub designed for all levels of the crypto experience.

The team has published a list of brands that will act as residents of the skyscraper as “Primary Tenants”. As mainstream creators, users can expect brands from Animoca, Anti Fund, Kucoin, Polkastarter, Travala, Polygon, Avalanche, DuckDao, Collateral, and influencers like Jake Paul, Bitboy, and Wendy-O. These are just a few of the partners users can expect, as many agreements are being made.

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In addition, the platform also supports the purchase of real estate by the user, also known as REBLOK. The property can be purchased through the portal and then becomes a valuable item for resale or lease to the tenant. This process can be compared to buying real estate in the physical world, and the meta verse gives the element of “playing to make money”. Users can own their own space, which can be customized to their liking, or they can join a tenant panel of 100 virtual owners.

Continuous Improvement
On October 5, Bloktopia plans to complete a DEX Initial Offer (IDO) or Initial Offer (IGO) on four launch pads that will accompany Bloktopia’s land sale portal. The team says this event will introduce NFT – a real use case that can value and generate revenue.

The rest of the game will be released as a Phase 1 release in March 2022. In the meantime, the team aims to continue making content available in the ecosystem and increase the number of key stakeholders involved in Bloktopia.

Source: CoinTelegraph