The first hint that Blockland – 21 stories about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is probably not quite in line with a regular cryptocurrency book and is spread in bold right on the cover.

To avoid the usual designer signals, he instead presented Trevor Jones’ work, Ecstasy (Bitcoin Angel). It is at least interesting to say about the religious icons in the picture.

Translated into the language of many chapters (or stories), it conveys the almost mythical nature of Bitcoin’s origins and the religious beliefs of a wide range of cryptocurrency advocates.

Can Blockland become Bitcoin’s first sacred text?

Block the earth

Less normal life
Before we even get to that point, I must admit that I easily got through this book right away.

In the introduction, the author, Elias Ahunen, describes a hidden journey around the world stopped by cryptocurrencies, reminiscent of a really ugly little book about crypto by Cal Evans.

But while Evans’ amazing travel stories seemed to be created just to express how a good reader finds him more amazing than the reader, it made us feel like we drank a shot on stage at a huge concert in Shanghai next to him.

It sums up the intensity and madness that can unfold in what is really still an adult industry, when more money flows into it than you know what to do with it.

So maybe Blockland will be the first cryptocurrency recording?

one day
The book tells 21 (often dramatic) stories about “Blockland” – the crypto room for you and me – starting with the creation of the first “Golden City of Bit” and the settlers who originally decided to live in it.

It tells the story of pioneers who then decided to film and create new societies, and the many ordinary people who were attracted to the ever-growing world of Block Land.

Chapter themes range from semi-spiritual (Satoshi era, Satoshism sects) to entrepreneurial spirit (Geologists, Frontiers of Computation) and even Soul of the Overuse (Mountain Madness, Tulip Hangover).

While all the great stories are true, the use of metaphors and symbolism really brings us back to what the magical and unlikely digital currency went through to get here.

Full story …
The fact that these seemingly disparate chapters are brought together to tell the coherent (and largely complete) story of the cryptocurrency journey today owes much to Ahonen.

The author provides an equal and impartial view of the room in a charming and accessible way. There is no paperback for dark cryptocurrency articles, but the charitable nature of society also has many sides.

Ahonen’s previous book was an infinitely more detailed encyclopedia of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, published in 2016, and led to being described as “one of the earliest historians of Bitcoin.”

While both books are technically reference books, Blockland feels like a fictional thriller in its rhythm and style.

Read the correct installation
So … part of the Bible, part of gonzo journalism and 100% of roller coaster rides, Blockland is incredibly successful at both portraying myths and explaining the current state of the cryptocurrency industry.

This is a book about cryptocurrency for people who can not read books about cryptocurrency. Buy it yourself and lend it to a friend you know, a potential cryptocurrency evangelist, if he just takes the time to research the subject.

Just do not forget to come back. After all, this is the place on your bookshelf.

Source: CoinTelegraph