Non-Fold Tokens (NFTs) were in a strong uptrend from January 1 to mid-February. During this time, OpenSea’s volumes peaked at $5 billion before dropping to $3.6 billion by the end of February. This could be a sign that the general mood in the crypto and NFT markets is on the way to a correction.

As the second quarter approaches, overall NFT volumes and sales are declining, leaving new players and investors to question whether the sector is dying. According to DappRadar, trading volume on OpenSea is down about 11% over the last week, and so far the overall market volume continues to decline, with the number of users down 13% over the past 30 days. The NFT community seems to have realized that it has been using alternatives to premium derivatives and investors are looking to put more sustainable value and less guesswork into them.

Wherever the Profile Migration Guide (PFP) goes, blockchain game developers and communities are constantly evolving.

For example, the Play-to-win (P2E) blockchain game Axie Infinity surpassed $4 billion in NFT sales in February. This makes it the third largest NFT platform in terms of sales and the first NFT group to do so.

Axie Infinity was created in 2018 and this game clearly demonstrates what is possible in a bear market. Axie Infinity has developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that has invested millions in Web3, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Blockchain games are focused on developing and fueling this bear market to counter the downtrend. These three blockchain games focus on increasing capital inflows, expanding their infrastructure, and building stable user bases.

New funding could lead to the growth of the Guild of Guardians
Blockchain games are positioning themselves through strategic partnerships to further develop their products. As the NFT game developer explained, Immutable X is in the final stages of a $200 million funding round. In light of this news, a “significant portion” of the funding will go to existing projects, including the Guild of Guardians.

According to a Guild of Guardians dispute, the news comes at a difficult time, as the war in Ukraine caused a setback in development. Since Guild of Guardians was partially developed by the Ukrainian development studio Stepico Games, development of the game as a whole was delayed.

Like the crypto market, the original Guild of Guardians GOG token crashed and is currently valued at $0.37, almost 87% of its high of $2.81.

Guardian Guild GOG/USD: 24-hour price chart. Source: CoinGecko
Guild of Guardians will use the newly raised funds for marketing efforts and scaling solutions for the game and the community. The new funding will ensure the sustainability of the project in a declining market and will focus on the project’s ambitious goal of hiring 200 employees over the next 12 months.

Guild of Guardians developed and released demo apps for the pre-alpha version of the game as a guide and commitment to the community.

Other NFT projects are also moving their communities into the gaming ecosystem, partnering with other networks to drive change.

CyberKongz Pays “Play and Collect” at Polygon
The CyberKongz NFT group started out as a traditional PFP on the Ethereum network, and while it still operates that way, it has switched to the Polygon network for the Play & Kollect gaming feature.

While the rollout has been subject to slight delays, the team is now preparing the community to simply launch a bridge to the Polygon network. CyberKongz also announced its integration with ChainLink’s decentralized oracle network and its verifiable random function (VRF) on the Play & Kollect ecosystem.

The VRF function randomly orders the features in the game using the private key pre-loaded into the oracle node and generates a random number and an encrypted proof combined with the unknown block data. This collaboration has increased the integration of advanced technology features while safety is a priority.

Currently, the in-game characters required to play CyberKongz VX are 2.59 Ether (ETH) or $6,674.09 on the Polygon network via OpenSea. Interestingly, assets on the Ethereum network that have not yet been connected are cheaper by 1.95 ETH, or $5,024.90.

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Galaxy Fight Club Directions in Games and Web3 Development
In its latest update, Galaxy Fight Club P2E announced a partnership with Vaynerchuk Sports and Gary Vee’s brother AJ Vaynerchuk to bring the game to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) athletes.

Source: CoinTelegraph