BitPay Payments and Wallets Bitcoin decided to move the company’s business environment forever and forever.

“85% of employees prefer to work from home and think they are more productive,” a company poll showed, according to the September 15 statement. “This understanding, along with continued business, is the main reason the company decided to make the homework permanent.”

As it is a predominantly niche in the digital world, individuals often work in the field of remote cryptography. In light of the COVID-19 mitigation measures, a growing trend is that remote work reduces travel time, as well as increases flexibility and cuts costs for the company by renting a workplace. However, the disadvantages include reduced personal communication between employees and an increased need for employee trust.

Andrew Kellen, Director of Marketing at BitPay explained:

“It took me a while to adjust to working from home because I’m an outgoing person […] I’m grateful for this flexibility and my teams can collaborate and work together as if we were side by side.”

Source: CoinTelegraph