The couple accused in the infamous $ 3.6 billion Bitcoin (BTC) money laundering case had a completely different Valentine’s Day. A federal judge upheld the decision to release his wife Heather Morgan with a suspended sentence, and her husband Elijah Lichtenstein was remanded in custody.

Beryl A. Hoyle, chief of the District Court of the District of Columbia, ruled that Liechtenstein had motives and resources to escape and must therefore remain in custody while Morgan could qualify for a $ 3 million bail.

The lawyer representing the couple denied that they had any motive for fleeing and said that although they have been under investigation since last year, the couple had no plans to leave the country, citing family ties and plans for the future. New York Times.

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The main defendants in the case are suspected of having laundered 94,000 BTC out of 119,754 BTC stolen from the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange in 2016, which at the time of writing was valued at more than 5.1 billion dollars. A preliminary investigation found no link between the duo and the theft of funds in 2016. However, it was found that they were actively involved in money laundering using a complex network of accounts.

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has seized 94,000 bitcoins related to the hack in Liechtenstein’s possession, making it the largest cryptocurrency seizure in the agency’s history. The Department of Justice first traced 25,000 BTC from the Bitifinex notch to financial accounts controlled by the couple and then returned a total of $ 3.6 billion in BTC they had.

The biggest bitcoin hack has become a hot topic in social circles and Netflix, the online streaming giant, has already announced a new documentary series focusing on theft and money laundering of the couple.

Source: CoinTelegraph