Another major indicator indicates a recovery in the Bitcoin Market (BTC) – the current price has recently doubled the asset's “realized” price.

What is the “realized” price of bitcoin?

The realized price of bitcoin is calculated by dividing the achieved market value by the offer. Achievable market value is calculated by multiplying each unused transaction result or UTXO at the current price when it was last transferred. This account must reflect the cost of obtaining the asset. Traditional selling cap and actual price differed below; Around Black Thursday (March 19), however, things turned around.

Is a return to normality a good sign?

In the following months, the relationship returned to normal. Since July 27, the actual price has been almost twice the sale price. While a return to normality is always welcome, the downside is that most of the supply is currently profitable. Therefore, owners may be tempted to implement some of the documents that they have accumulated.

According to Glassnode's rating, the current stage can be categorized as optimism on the path to faith, or anxiety ready to succumb to fear. Bloomberg's latest report indicated that the former is more likely because it expects bitcoin to rise above $ 12,000.

Source: CoinTelegraph