A new study from the US cryptocurrency exchange Xcoins shows that investors in gold are equally divided between men and women, but men dominate the ranks of cryptocurrency investors by a large margin.

The data also showed that “gold investors are more likely to have cats than cryptocurrency holders (45% to 38%), while cryptocurrency holders tend to be dogs (43% to 38%).”

The Xcoins search used global web index data from 2017 to 2020 to find the differences between the owners of gold and cryptocurrencies.

The study found that women’s views of gold as an investment and cryptocurrencies are vastly different. Approximately 46.7% of investors in gold are women and 53.5% are men, while 71.9% of investors in cryptocurrency are men and only 28.1% are women.

The gender distribution in crypto is nothing new, and many believe that the crypto and blockchain sectors are dominated by men. However, research shows that the gap has narrowed in the last two years as cryptocurrencies are gradually integrated into ordinary society.

A CoinMarketCap report in April 2020 showed that 43% of investors interested in bitcoin were women, up from 13% the year before. Recent data published by Cardify showed that the number of women investing their money in cryptocurrency is also increasing: In January 2021, women accounted for 15% of cryptocurrency deposits, up from 5.6% the year before.

Despite the growing interest from women, the Xcoins study highlights that there is still a significant problem with gender diversity in cryptography that needs more action.

Rob Frye, CEO of Xcoins, commented on the results of the exchanges and stressed the importance of attracting more women to cryptocurrencies, noting that the widespread adoption of bitcoins depends on their participation:

“If Bitcoin wants to succeed in general, it needs the support of all demographic groups. There is no stopping women from participating in or investing in cryptocurrencies, but little is being done to encourage them. ”
With data indicating that female investors view crypto as a risky investment, it is clear that more needs to be done in this area to educate and educate people about the risks that cryptocurrency actually carries, instead of letting speculation hamper asset growth. “.

Source: CoinTelegraph