Max Kieser says the US dollar has become so weak that even Warren Buffett is out and Bitcoin (BTC) will hit record highs.

In its latest macroeconomic forecast, the RT presenter warned that safe harbors would significantly surpass safe harbors. He suggested that Buffett know what awaits him.

Kaiser: Buffett “ditches the dollar”
“Buffett’s move to Japan, along with his investment in gold, confirms he is dumping many dollars,” Kieser wrote on Twitter on Monday.

“The dollar has a downward trend today, breaking major support. Bitcoin – Gold – Silver Everyone will create new ATHs in the near future.”

He referred to Buffett’s transition to Japanese assets when he bought 5% of the country’s five largest business houses for a total of $ 6 billion, Reuters reported.

The Big Five has many joint ventures around the world, and there will probably be more. Hope there are opportunities in the future for mutual benefit.

The announcement came just days after the Fed confirmed it would allow inflation to exceed the 2% target as a temporary measure, weighing heavily on the dollar.

Following the fluctuations, the US Dollar Index (DXY) began to sink to new lows on Monday, recovering from its two-year low. At the end of July, when these levels first appeared, the Bitcoin price jumped to $ 12,500.

The expectation is still that more DXY dives will have a similar effect, reports Cointelegraph.

The unlikely leader of Bitcoin
Meanwhile, Buffett is known for his macroeconomic moves, although he is still a strong bitcoin skeptic.

Last week, the so-called “Buffett Index” warned of a stock market crash, although well-capitalized stocks continued to rise.

Prior to that, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pumplano had publicly bet that Buffett would eventually buy bitcoin after announcing his move to gold.

At the time, Keizer claimed that gold injection alone would trigger an investor flight, which would help push BTC / USD to $ 50,000.

Perhaps Buffett’s most famous joke about bitcoin dates back to 2018, when he called the cryptocurrency “rat poison square”.

Source: CoinTelegraph