Cointelegraph said the ownership file of the Bitcoin Technical Document (BTC) being disclosed could go to court after the two sides were involved in a dispute, and said they are ready “to move forward.”

On January 21, the two Bitcoin site owners were threatened with legal action by attorneys representing Craig Wright, the man claiming to be the inventor of Bitcoin for Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright claims to be the original copyright holder of the bitcoin paper and has demanded that both signatories remove their local copies of the document due to the threat of legal action. has since removed the white paper, arguing that getting involved in a costly lawsuit with Wright, a lawsuit, will do little to no, which is not a hike worth dying for.

However, the owner of, who was also targeted by Wright, refused to remove the white paper, indicating that he did not intend to do so.

An exclusive spokesperson for Cointelegraph, developer of the pseudonym Cobra said he would be willing to defend himself in court if cases were brought against him.

“Actually, no lawsuits have been filed, but we are ready to go to the extreme and defend ourselves if it comes to that.”
CoinGeek’s Ed Pownall, who previously spoke on behalf of Craig Wright, told Cointelegraph that Cobra and others who refused to comply have four options:

“Don’t answer or do anything: This will result in Craig being sued for copyright infringement.”
Answer emails and tell us where we’re going: as above
“Please respond to our emails by saying that they download WP / WP posts from their site, and they really do: no action to obtain them.”
“Do not reply to our emails, but download WP / WP posts from their site: per 3”
When this 4-point caution was given by the Wright team, Cobry’s response was stupid and seemed to indicate a preference for Alternative # 1. He said:

“Looks like I was thinking, and we don’t want to respond, damn them.”
If Cobra did not respond to the trial, Bawall said, Wright’s attorney would be willing to go to the courts for a standard ruling, in which a defendant who did not answer or defend would be indicted without trial.

In 2019, Wright tried to sue Ethereum (ETH) creator Vitalik Buterin for defamation after Buterin ridiculed Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto as a fraud. At the same time, Buterin simply did not respond to the letter, and the term eventually wound up.

Wright has previously sued a number of personalities in the cryptocurrency industry, including the Bitcoin podcast, Peter McCormack, Bitcoin developer Adam Beck and founder Roger Veer, all with varying degrees of success.

Source: CoinTelegraph