Bitcoin Tuesday, a cryptocurrency-based charity event organized by The Giving Block, aims to raise at least $ 1 million in donations today and during the rest of December. Its fundraising goals make Bitcoin Tuesday one of the largest cryptocurrency-related charity events.

Giving Block has partnered with over 120 non-profit organizations and 30 blockchain companies to lead the charity.

He will share some of the biggest names in encryption, including:

Percentage of networks
Together with many other blockchain companies, they intervene to help charities obtain bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrency donations before the holidays.

Charities accepting Bitcoin donations on Tuesday include:

Save the Children
American Cancer Society
Wateraid america
Economic Education Foundation
Police Justice Center
No children are hungry
Bitcoiners are committed to the public good, and this is an opportunity to make practical changes that go beyond the possibility of disrupting the economic system. This is an opportunity to help Save the Children or defend justice through the Police Justice Center.

Your donation can go to trees for the future, fresh water in Uganda, food for the elderly or finding homes for pets in rural America. There are over 100 charities participating, and some of them will appreciate your support.

The Giving Block told the Cointelegraph that Bitcoin is expected to “grow 1000% in non-profit organizations that accept cryptocurrency donations” on Tuesday 2020.

According to The Giving Block:

“All our charities accept more than just bitcoin. Bitcoin is front and center, but you can donate all cryptocurrencies supported by Gemini. ”
They also believe that non-profit organizations themselves can help master cryptocurrency by giving users the opportunity to donate digital assets:

Non-profit organizations add cryptocurrency as an alternative to their websites and platforms, market crypto donations in their posts and post cryptography on social media. This pushes its massive audience towards the invaluable crypto scene. ”
Cointelegraph is also participating in the event and is working with The Giving Block to launch the Crypto Trivia Charity Contest, which will feature prominent figures in the blockchain industry on December 10.

You can donate cryptocurrency to your favorite charity by visiting The Giving Block website. Choose the organization you want to support, and allow yourself to encrypt now for good reason.

Source: CoinTelegraph