Bitcoin (BTC) reached a full-time high of $ 28,400 before shattering thousands of dollars on December 27 – the last chapter of his Christmas present.

The BTC price drops by $ 1900 in minutes
Data from the Cointelegraph, Coin360 and TradingView markets showed an increase in BTC / USD and then a large loss in dollars for Sunday trading.

After growing by 15% in 24 hours, Bitcoin faced significant sales pressure over $ 28,000. Failing to maintain a very fast upward trajectory, the largest cryptocurrency fell to $ 26,500.

At the time of publication, volatility ensured that there was no sustainable market trend as the BTC / USD exchange rate was around $ 27,000.

Analyst: “The bullish revolution has begun.”
As Cointelegraph reported earlier in the day, Bitcoin has set a number of records for its recent performance, including a market value that exceeded $ 500 billion for the first time.

The Bitcoin futures market should also have the biggest gap ever on Monday.

Since Bitcoin has broken the $ 24,000 resistance, Bitcoin has traded in unknown territory, and only improvised sales levels create the imagination of what appears to be an increasingly parabolic market.

While institutional investors are taking a breather, retail buyers are running the final phase of the Bitcoin rally.

Michael Van de Pope, an analyst at Cointelegraph Markets, summed it up for Twitter followers: “The bullish cycle of bullish rounds has begun as more and more players begin to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.”

Van de Poppe continued to see $ 19,500 as a potential rebound zone as altcoins line up to take advantage of the bitcoin example as growth slows – probably next month.

Binance heat map book collection. Source: Material indicators.
Meanwhile, Binance’s order box data shows that a massive sales wall of $ 30,000 is likely to be the next major setback for BTC bulls.

Source: CoinTelegraph