Called as a scarce access to digital store with value, Bitcoin has been compared to gold quite often over the years. To keep up with this trend, Bitcoin (BTC) is offered as a prize instead of the Gold Cup in a sailing competition called the Liberty Bitcoin Cup.

Liberty Bitcoin Cup says: “The Liberty Bitcoin Cup is the flagship cup for the next generation of world sailors competing for the next generation of high-tech sailboats.” “If gold cups were traditionally the first cups in traditional sailing, the next generation is now supported by the next generation of gold – bitcoin.”

Metal sailing mainly uses new technology and design, according to an article from The Wall Street Journal from 2017. Chip boats use a design where the boat is maneuvered slightly above the water surface, which reduces friction and increases the speed potential.

The website explains that the Liberty Bitcoin Cup hopes to lower the entry barrier for young people who are interested in sailing competitions. This year’s participants must match the years of birth from January 1, 1996 to February 15, 2003. “The teams consist of 3 or 4 members of a mixed team and must compete with both sexes or all women on board,” he says.

Including the final, the cup consists of four events, and according to the website, 1 BTC will be paid to the winner.

People in the cryptocurrency industry have often compared gold to bitcoin over the years. Gold has some similarities in use to Bitcoin, such as its role as a store of value, and has been considered valuable for thousands of years. Since Bitcoin struck in 2009, Bitcoin has not had a long history, but it has gained significant credibility in the last year or so as the company’s asset allocations have become more and more popular.

Source: CoinTelegraph