Bitcoin whales (BTC) are drawing attention again this week as big deals return to the stock market.

Data from the CryptoQuant chain analytics platform on December 24 show that whales are relatively increasing their presence as potential sellers.

Stations of action when Bitcoin rises to $ 51,000
According to CryptoQuant’s Exchange Whale Ratio, the share of major foreign exchange inflows in total flows is now at an all-time high.

Flows were significantly accelerated as BTC / USD rose to $ 51,000 on Thursday night, which could mean that large investors are planning to make a profit above the current Bitcoin range.

“BTC should be careful not to break the $ 51,000 mark,” said a CryptoQuanta analyst.

“If we exceed this level, the next significant resistance will be around $ 56.8,000.”

Kitty’s BTC / USD exchange rate tag chart. Source: CryptoQuant
Despite the suspicions, Bitcoin maintained its high level until Friday, which previously formed the main line to restore the bullish mood in the sand.

Doesn’t that apply to rivers?
These days, whales are not new potential sellers. Cointelegraph reported earlier this month that large investors have moved away from smaller private buyers in terms of buying procedures.

CryptoQuant and others confirm that the situation still exists, while the withdrawal of money in the stock market indicates a “stick accumulation” similar to the all-time decline to $ 69,000 in September.

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The miners are protecting their newly issued coins from block subsidies, and their reserves have now reached a six-month high.

“The miners have more BTC than when BTC was $ 69,000.

Source: CoinTelegraph