Bitcoin (BTC) failed to reach the end of November as requested by one of the most popular models, but the creator did not give up.

In a tweet on December 1, PlanB said it would give its ground-based model an extra month to prove its effectiveness.

BTC floor model on trial
BTC / USD was to end in November in a “worst case scenario” of $ 98,000, but a combination of factors contributed to a much lower monthly closing.

Nearly $ 57,000, the couple apparently missed their target, marking the first flaw in the PlanB floor model in Bitcoin history.

“First slip on the floor model (after nailing it in August, September and October),” he wrote.

“No model is perfect, but this is a big miss and the first in 10 years! Alien / Black Swan? I want to give Floor 1 Model an extra month. ”

More recently, the bottom model predicted the correct end of the month in August, September and October, and added hope that the six-digit figures would be shown in December.

As more traders and analysts acknowledge the fact that the 2021 bull run may take longer than expected to reach its peak, PlanB reiterated that other BTC price forecast models remain unchanged.

Among them are common instruments based on stock distribution, where the average price from now until 2024 is at least 100,000 dollars. Bitcoin is expected to reach six digits by the end of this year.

Bad timing?
The end of November coincided with new negative pressure on Bitcoin.

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Coronavirus panic is combined with Federal Reserve leader Jerome Powell’s acknowledgment that inflation will not be “transitional”.

Sentiment also suffered, falling from neutral to fearful according to the Crypto Fear & Greed Index.

Source: CoinTelegraph