Exciting Data Shows Bitcoin (BTC) Whale Investments

An on-chain indicator chart from analytics firm CryptoQuant, large transactions have accounted for more than 90% of deposits traded on the exchange lately.

The top 10 deposits account for 90% of the exchange reserves
As a result of the notable behavior about whales, whales have become more active potential sellers on the exchanges in the past week.

The ratio of prey to whale, a watch that measures the size of the ten major exchanges for all events, is a wake-up call.

“Whales are putting BTC on the exchanges,” CryptoQuant CEO Ki Yong Joo summed up.

The ratio of BTC to USD (72-hour moving average) on the exchange whale is 91%. This means that the top 10 deposits account for 91% of the deposit volume on all exchanges within an hour. ”

BTC/USD with annotated chart of whale harvest conditions. Source: Ki Young Joo / Twitter
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Major portfolios were bought during the last downturn, and Bitfinex’s whale prices jumped from $50,000 to nearly $54,000 on Tuesday, Cointelegraph reports.

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bitcoin reserve chart
Bitcoin Price Rise Continues (And It Continues)
Bitcoin displayed choppy tops on Tuesday, watching that was linked to surprisingly high trading volumes on exchanges.

On the subject: The cryptocurrency’s market cap is down 6.7%, but the data for the decades is showing good.

This phenomenon has occurred several times in the past week, and these symptoms have been present at high levels.

BTC/USD 30-minute light chart (bit print). Source: TradingView
A big change in makes it far from the alternative to return $60,000 USD.

Source: CoinTelegraph