Twitter users can now send bitcoin (BTC) with a single tweet after the digital payments app Bottlepay launched an integrated bitcoin social media feature.

It looks like transactions between Twitter users can be done using a simple pay-per-bottle tweet form: “submit 1000 bets to twitteruser”. The order can be executed directly from the Twitter app, and bitcoin is automatically transferred from one user to another.

Bottlepay describes itself as a global payment disruption, raising $ 15 million in an initial round of funding at the end of February. Bottlepay can also be used with other social media platforms like Reddit and Discord. The beta version of the app reportedly attracted 20,000 users with no marketing or $ 2.4 million in transactions in just a month since its launch on February 10.

Given how dramatically bitcoin transaction fees have risen from 2020 to 2021, the suitability of coins for everyday social payment applications can be questioned. Bottlepay allows you to bypass high bitcoin transaction fees with the Lightning Network, a second tier solution that avoids network congestion by performing offline BTC transactions.

“Bottlepay’s Bitcoin Social Payments is a much-needed upgrade to the massive and legacy payment systems available today and is a step towards smoother, easier transactions,” said Mark Webster, CEO of Bottlepay.

Source: CoinTelegraph