As 2021 draws to a close, Bitcoin (BTC) has gone through a turbulent path this year as huge price fluctuations have driven the leading cryptocurrency to record highs and plunges to lows, including a 50% fall that shook the market. … Now Bitcoin is back again and stronger than ever, and even hit record highs recently.

Aside from the staggering volatility of Bitcoin’s market prices, it seems that some politicians have realized Bitcoin’s potential as the wave of mayors across the United States expressed optimism.

From Florida to New York, there seems to be a growing trend for politicians, especially city mayors, to support Bitcoin adoption.

Here’s a look at some of the US mayors who are optimistic about the leading cryptocurrency.

New York Mayor Eric Adams was elected mayor
U.S. mayors are pushing for the adoption of digital assets, including newly elected New York Mayor Eric Adams, who has promised to receive his first three salaries in bitcoin. The move from Adams was in response to a statement from the mayor of Miami two days ago, which talked about his plans to fully accept his upcoming Bitcoin salary.

Adams, a former police officer known for his seriousness in crime, tweeted: “We’re always doing well in New York, so I’ll get my first three bitcoin salaries.”

Adam also tweeted, “New York will be a hub for the cryptocurrency industry and other fast-growing, innovative industries.”

The newly elected mayor also spoke with Bloomberg and said he would “look at what is holding back bitcoin and cryptocurrency growth in our city.”

Elected Mayor Adams has been an avid bitcoin bull for a while, having promised to make New York the hub of bitcoin. Adams also suggested that schools add cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to their curricula.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez
Since his election, Adams has discussed with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez who is the biggest Bitcoin bull. Suarez, who has been re-elected after serving as mayor of Miami since 2017, also tweeted that he will receive his next salary of “100% Bitcoin”.

As part of Miami’s plan to become the US cryptocurrency capital, Suarez said the city plans to release digital wallets to residents that will be used to distribute bitcoin revenue from the city’s cryptocurrency cache.

While some reports say U.S. law prohibits certain states from owning volatile assets, the mayor of Miami stands firm, saying his top priority is to run the city without paying taxes. Suarez has previously stated that he wants to pay city workers in cryptocurrency.

Cole Valley, Missouri Rapporteur Jason Stewart
In the small town of Cool Valley, Missouri, Mayor Jason Stewart announced that he intends to give each citizen up to $ 1,000 in bitcoin in response to the growing use of cryptocurrencies.

The environmental mayor believes that Bitcoin can improve the city’s well-being through the establishment of Bitcoin mining capacity and other related activities. Stewart also believes that bitcoin education is the key to increasing wealth and prosperity in the region, and he hopes to see a bitcoin-friendly bank in the city one day.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Stewart said that “a lot of this has to do with fixing the flaws in the former financial system. In the past, we did not have access to this amazing technology we have today when it comes to our financial system. And retain our value . ”

Like the mayor of Miami, Stewart plans to distribute bitcoin to Cool Valley residents through a private donor-funded scheme aimed at expanding the use and adoption of digital assets.

The mayor of Missouri has been a Bitcoin revolutionary since 2015, when he worked for a technology startup that serves wealthy customers and receives a Bitcoin salary.

Jackson, Tennessee Reporter Scott Conger
In a wave of US cities that are close to accepting bitcoin, the city of Jackson, Tennessee, can not be left behind. Believing that Bitcoin is the only solution to tackle the devaluation of the US dollar and inflation that is currently undermining the global economy, Mayor Scott Conger announced that a blockchain working group will explore potential ways to include property tax payments. in the city using bitcoins.

In mid-July, Kings tweeted: “Why are we embracing inflation? Why do we not ask more of our federal government? 6.3% over 2 years. 172.8% in my life. Every year our dollar is equal to the smallest. No recovery. this is just a solution for this .. #Bitcoin. “”

Like other mayors, Conger expressed interest in exploring alternatives to paying city workers in cryptocurrency. The mayor also plans to introduce Bitcoin mining and add BTC to the city’s balance sheet.

Source: CoinTelegraph