Bitcoin (BTC) appeared to be testing previous highs on Thursday when the fund manager described it as a “great buying opportunity”.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView saw a 3.3% drop in BTC / USD during the day and are targeting new support levels on Thursday.

Bitcoin outlook ‘extremely bullish’
After rising to nearly $ 65,000 on Monday, Bitcoin began to consolidate into a new range as the hype around Nasdaq’s successful Coinbase listing slowed.

At the time of writing, the largest cryptocurrency is trading at around $ 62,600, nearly $ 700 above the March record of $ 61,700.

This area, according to Jeff Ross, head of Vailshire Capital Management, should now pave the way for a swing of support and resistance which, if successful, would allow BTC / USD to continue rising.

“Sanitary repair of an old cantilever roof. Macro: Very optimistic. About analyzing the series: Extremely optimistic, ”he wrote on Twitter that day.

Opinion: The price should approach the old ‘ceiling’ of $ 61,250 and then go up even further. Great opportunity to buy until the next step. ”
Sellers cool for less than $ 70,000
A glance at the exchange order books seems to confirm the appetite, even among impatient sellers, to allow Bitcoin to appreciate by several thousand dollars in a short time frame.

On Binance, sell orders were originally set at $ 65,000, and now there is a larger resistance range at $ 70,000 and $ 72,000.

These rallies have long been the focus of analysts’ attention and have even been described as a “fate” in the short term.

Other accounts on the chain demonstrated a strong commitment from investors around the world, with the total number of Bitcoin wallet addresses containing 0.01 BTC or more exceeding 9 million for the first time.

Source: CoinTelegraph