The market value of Bitcoin (BTC) has exceeded 1 trillion dollars this year. As Bitcoin prices fluctuate, so does market value, making it increasingly important to work with cryptocurrency experts to manage portfolio decisions, especially when investing in digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH).

With a focus on data-driven research and sports risk management using the latest technology, Tantra Labs offers less exposure to high-performance cryptocurrencies with a return of 6%, according to the company.

Tantra Labs, a leading provider of automated market liquidity (AMM) and private malls, has found increased interest in its product, which offers a 6% annual return (APY) on Bitcoin and Ethereum for six months. This time frame allows the company to take advantage of Bitcoin trends, and the probable part of the portfolio (momentum and average retracement) leads to high risk-adjusted returns. Through these strategies, the company strives to give its customers the best possible results.

Unlike its competitors, Tantra offers a flat rate of 6% regardless of the amount of BTC or ETH deposited. In addition, there is no minimum or maximum amount when you make a deposit, and investors can deposit as they wish through the Tantra online app. Their online app also shows investors their holdings and benefits in real time.

With portfolios dedicated to probabilistic strategies and deterministic trading algorithms such as Tantra, investors can see higher returns. Using a variety of proprietary algorithmic trading strategies, a team of experts provides liquidity in the cryptocurrency markets to generate returns for lenders in the form of the assets they deposit.

With no minimum deposit, Tantra Labs opened its doors to all accredited US investors and citizens or residents outside the United States, giving more investors the opportunity to earn higher returns on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A focused approach to Bitcoin and Ethereum
Today, with most investors adding digital assets to their portfolios, advances in blockchain technology that underpin Bitcoin have changed the rules of the game in industries around the world. The team behind Tantra ultimately believes in Bitcoin’s value proposition as the world’s dominant non-sovereign digital value store. Having established itself as the leading cryptocurrency for the past 10 years, Bitcoin has a proven track record, security, stability and censorship-resistant structure – all factors that attract today’s investors.

As a company, Tantra sees its overall mission as identifying profit opportunities and providing these opportunities for both daily and more advanced investors, which is why they decided to support Ethereum as well. This decision was based on Ethereum’s track record as the second most liquid asset in cryptocurrency, the diversified field of trading instruments used by Tantra Systems, and the establishment of demand for Ethereum as a smart gas and security.

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Narration by numbers
The company shares that its long-term vision is to offer the highest APY available to BTC and ETH. So far, Tantra has paid over 150 BTC dividends to the first users and hundreds of creditors. After over three years, the team has expanded to include quantitative researchers, engineers, computer scientists, economists and entrepreneurs with a deep basic understanding of bitcoin.

The company continues, “We are one of the few offices in the world that offers Bitcoin and Ethereum returns and currently offers the highest APY for BTC and ETH to help bring this vision to life.”

tantric approach
Tantra Labs hopes to use its research to contribute to a “fairer and more financially stronger future.”

“While we see ourselves as blockchain neutral, we see Bitcoin as the most viable vehicle to bring about positive change in our world.”

Source: CoinTelegraph