The USD-denominated stack coin on Binance’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, BUSD, is the latest stable token to announce that it will be launched on the Dapper Labs Flow blockchain.

The news comes just days after the platform added the US dollar stable currency (USDC).

Dapper Labs, the team behind the flagship games CryptoKitties and NBA TopShot, based on non-innate tokens (NFT), has begun working with Flow to address Ethereum (ETH) sizing issues that CryptoKitties had after its launch in late 2017.

The new partnership will allow Flow-based developers to integrate BUSD into their DApps without permission, with the companies claiming that BUSD will open the door to developers looking to build stable DeFi apps on Flow. Samuel Lim, Chief Compliance Officer at Binance, said:

We believe decentralized entertainment and gaming will play a leading role in accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrency. Through our experience partnering with Flow and Dappers, BUSD will be available to millions of consumers. ”
By Dapper partnering with global entertainment companies including Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Ultimate Fighting Championship and Dr. Seuss, Flow blockchain shows promising prospects for consumer products and applications.

Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot, the first game and DApp to launch on Flow, has generated over $ 2 million in NFT acquisitions since its beta launch in June. The game allows players to collect and interact with multimedia “moments” that depict important events in NBA history and share them in the Top Shots Market.

Earlier this week, Dapper also partnered with financial services company Circle to bring USD Coin (USDC) into Flow as a settlement solution. Top Shot will be the first Flow Dapp to integrate USC to use to make credit and debit card payments for the game.

Dapper announced in April that they had entered into a technology-sharing agreement with Vekten on Facebook. Dapper will be able to access the Libra virtual machine, and Libra will be able to use the Dapper smart contract programming language “percussion”.

Source: CoinTelegraph