Catherine Cooley, CEO of US cryptocurrency exchange Binance, believes that the adoption of cryptocurrency may be one of the only ways for companies to be “sustainable” in the future.

In a Sept. 21 interview with Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Allway on the Bloomberg Odd Lots podcast, Cooley said that cryptocurrency has the potential to “exploit beyond speculation”, where investors can participate in e-commerce transactions, do new business and more in the real world. . Applications as a mortgage loan:

“If you create a company for the next five years and do not consider digital assets as a component, you are in an uninformed way. This is an epidemic-resistant implementation case. ”

The CEO said that from now on, companies should be targeted at cryptocurrencies, which has made money talks more understandable to the average person, but also accessible to traditional financiers.

“This is an industry with a completely different audience than economics,” Cooley said. “He has managed to stay out of the way because of cryptocurrencies, and there are many benefits to underestimating people.”

Cooley has been the CEO of Binance.US since 2019. The stock exchange announced last month that it had removed regulatory barriers to expanding its operations in Florida, Alabama and Georgia. The new legislation may allow the stock exchange to open its doors to all traders in the US by 2021.

Source: CoinTelegraph