Just ten days after announcing his run for California governor, longtime bitcoin proponent and billionaire investor Chamat Palihapitiya backed the idea in an episode of The All In Podcast on February 2.

Palihapitiya, who started investing in Bitcoin in 2012, was a vocal critic of incumbent California Governor Gavin Newsom, tweeting the hashtag #RecallGavinNewsom on January 26. A number of political promises. Since then, however, he has pondered a plan.

“Let’s be very honest, I’m not ready for this,” he said on a podcast when asked about his choice of governor. He said that instead of focusing on his political career, he would rather focus on his work.

“I think it’s worth knowing what conflict of interest laws are and what to do if this happens. Without all this, I cannot make a reliable decision. ”
Newsom’s call request due to poor handling of the country’s COVID-19 response did not receive enough signatures to initiate the calling process. Launched last June, it has collected 1.3 million signatures, but requires another 195,000 signatures by March 17. Regardless of the outcome, the position that defines his position remains, and continues to use his speech at All In to discuss political issues.

In a typical example, he said, “The government must do what they want to ensure that people have an equal starting position.”

One of the themes in his recent podcast was Initiates vs. Strangers, in which Palihapitiya painted a picture of two classes of people: those who can say anything and those who are listened to. The warning that comes with belonging to the latter category, he says, is the inability to criticize other insiders.

In July 2019, Palihapitiya declared Bitcoin as “the best defense against traditional financial infrastructure.” In April 2020, weeks after the stock market suffered its biggest losses since 2008, he reiterated his view, pointing out that Bitcoin could be viewed as a “path to security” if the infrastructure supporting traditional systems began to deteriorate.

A report released Feb. 4 by Hindenburg Research alleges that the Justice Department is conducting an undisclosed investigation into Chamath’s actions by promoting Clover Health, a publicly listed health insurance company.

Source: CoinTelegraph