German soccer club FC Bayern München, who plays in the German Bundesliga, enters the world of blockchain-based fantasy football.

Ethereum blockchain-based fantasy soccer Sorare, which Bayern joined this week, already has more than 100 participating clubs, including well-known names such as Paris Saint-German, Juventus, PSG and Atlético Madrid.

FC Bayern Munich’s collaboration is no stranger to blockchain collaboration: Last year it collaborated with Stryking Entertainment to produce digital collectibles for players. These cards can be collected and played as part of the Fantasy League Challenge.

Bayern Munich announced the Sorare deal to the fans, that the 20 best tournaments in the world are now available on a gaming platform that is truly global.

Sorare works out as a little soccer ball. New players choose the first team that has 10 blockchain-based playing cards from which to make their tournament squad.

As reported, Sorare also provides players with the opportunity to buy and trade limited edition cards, whose scores and higher value are determined by real player stats in soccer league tables and rarity as digital collectibles.

According to Nonfungible, a ranking website for blockchain gaming and non-fungal issuers, Sorare is slowly climbing the charts and becoming more popular in the global gaming community.

At the time of publication, the platform is number three with a weekly trading volume of approximately $ 243,000. However, when it comes to all-time sales, Sorare lags far behind Axie Infinity, which is three times the sales in the fantasy football market.

Sorare was recently launched in the United States, with the platform hoping to attract around 60 million American fictional athletes.

Source: CoinTelegraph