The crypto user seems to be ruling out the current monetary policy of the Bank of England and voicing his dissatisfaction with the laser projector.

Twitter user Dominic Frisbee revealed that an unknown person was expecting a “bitcoin fix for this” and other messages on the outer walls of both the Bank of England and the British Parliament on Saturday. The message appeared at the bottom of Big Ben, as well as on the front of the central bank, surrounded by a red square with the artist’s logo, and the image had already been transformed into a non-perishable symbol.

Many financial institutions around the world have been trying to adjust to the constraints and financial uncertainties caused by the pandemic since March 2020. Since then, the Bank of England has bought billions of government bonds and corporate debt.

It is unclear why the anonymous bitcoiner decided to view the post right now. The Bank of England recently listed seven vacancies related to central bank digital currency and will set up a working group to study UK market entry in collaboration with parliament. However, it appears that at least one person is unhappy with the direction of monetary policy in the UK.

Source: CoinTelegraph