Axie Infinity, an NFT monster fighting game, has gained so much popularity that Axies has been bought and sold for over $ 600 million in the last month. Each Axie is a non-fungible token or NFT embedded on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Like Nintendo’s Pokémon series, the Axies come in a variety of rarities, strengths and stats, with the strongest having very high prices in the gaming market. Players earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP) by completing daily missions, defeating monsters and fighting against other players in arenas with their axes. SLP can then be traded for various cryptocurrencies.

Due to the high start-up costs of buying / borrowing / breeding Axier, a guild has recently formed in the game to finance the start-up costs of players or provide scholarships for their SLP income during the game. One such in-game guild is Singapore-based Crypto Gaming United, or CGU, which has nearly 100,000 Discord users and regularly searches for new researchers on the official Axie Infinity Discord website.

In a statement sent to the Cointelegraph, CGU co-founder Sergei Sergeenko clarified that players do not have to pay anything to start playing. Instead, CGU finances the cost of all grades / NFTs through a scholarship that can go up to $ 4000 per player. In addition, CGU provides training and guidance to partner players to improve their knowledge of cryptocurrency and gaming skills. In return, the CGU receives 50% of the commissions from the players’ income, part of which is paid to the investors by the CGU coins; After that, 5% of the profits go to the local administration in the countries where the CGU operates, and the remaining 45% remains with the players. In addition, the company is currently piloting a “retirement plan” for players from 3% to 5% as a social security measure.

According to Sergienko, top players earn up to SLP 680 per day on a net basis (minus CGU). Playing time for adult players is about six hours a day. Meanwhile, low-income players can earn around $ 120 for 60 hours of gaming each month. Even that amount exceeds the minimum wage for full-time jobs in countries such as the Philippines and Russia, a percentage where Axie Infinity is very popular. CGU claims to attract many Axie players from Cuba, Venezuela, Turkmenistan, Myanmar and African countries.

In addition to focusing on gambling for profit, CGU also operates the cryptocurrency platform LaborX. A collection of stories and feedback from players who have entered into a partnership with CGU can be found on the website. Regarding the long-term development of CGU and its players, Sergey said the following:

“We also understand that playing for profit can be a transitional phase, and therefore we are looking for greater opportunities for all our employees. We hire researchers to find out what can happen after the hype. Our freelance platform and vast educational experience help us to do just that. “

Source: CoinTelegraph