Corey Bernardi, a controversial figure that the Sydney Morning Herald refers to as “Donald Trump’s Australia”, has spoken about Bitcoin (BTC) in tweets that challenged the results of the US presidential election.

In a tweet on November 11, Bernardi stated that he had switched to Bitcoin “for the last two years” and saw the demand for cryptocurrency “pick up.” He cited the opinion of the bitcoin bull Anthony Pompigliano as “self-confident” regarding bitcoin.

Bernardi said, “I have come to the conclusion that this is the gold Millennium Edition.” “I can still see associated risks, but they are basically the same as other asset classes – legs, confidence and demand.”

Bernardi served as Senator for South Australia from 2006 to 2020 and is known for his extremely conservative and reactionary views. He opposed women in the military and fought over the pressing political issues associated with Islam, the veil and terrorism. After Bernardi left the government, he created a website with financial advice.

Despite Bernardi’s conflicting views, said Alex Saunders, founder of educational cryptocurrency news site Nuggets News, the comments are a continuation of a shift in well-known crypto-talkers.

“Two years ago [positively, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies] were taboo,” Saunders told Cointelegraph. “You had professional risks, people worried about instability. They thought it was only being used for intimidating purposes. ”

“I think we have already passed this point. The genius came out of the bottle. People understand this – whether Paul Tudor Jones, Stan Druckmiller and even Warren Buffett are talking about gold. Times change. […] The way we think about money and how people save is questioned by money. ”
Saunders said the RBA’s recent announcement of a $ 100 billion quantitative easing program (i.e., printing money) was a possible reason why investors with a traditional economic background could switch to cryptocurrency.

Source: CoinTelegraph