The Associated Press announced that it is launching its own Oracle node, Chainlink, to ensure encrypted verification of data from US newspapers and broadcasters.

In an October 21 announcement, the Associated Press (AP) announced that savvy contract developers will have access to “Finance, Sports and Racing Information Agency data” once the node goes live. According to the Associated Press, it will publish data on the chain for developers to access and reference, as well as provide information about upcoming elections and service artists working with non-innate tokens.

“Chainlink technology is the ideal way to give smart contract developers anywhere in the world direct, on-demand access to trusted AP data on financial, sports and racing challenges,” said Duane Dessolnier, Director of Blockchain and Data Licensing for AP. “Working with Chainlink allows this information to be compatible with any blockchain.”

The AP said the main reason for moving to the blockchain is “trust” because the data on the chain you provided will be a “public, secure and reliable recording of the verified information.” The news agency added that it would be open to changing its approach based on developer feedback, as it has “a finger on the pulse of the blockchain economy.”

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This isn’t a news agency’s first foray into blockchain technology. The AP was reportedly interested in exploring ways to protect intellectual property rights, support ethical journalism, and track content usage when it partnered with blockchain-based journalism startup Civil in 2018. In addition, the AP released the results of the controversial 2020 US presidential election. The Ethereum and EOS blockchain.

Source: CoinTelegraph