Comedian and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart said Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban has practically explored the intricacies of the crypto space.

Speaking to Stewart in the podcast Thursday, Cuban said he does not focus on speculating on prices around cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE), comparing them to “games” like stocks. Dallas Mavericks owner explained some of the basics of the Stewart space, describing it as “decentralized and untrustworthy,” and token holders “usually the same voice” in deciding the direction of each project — features that billionaire investors love.

“Right now I don’t invest in a traditional business,” Cuban said. “80% of my non-Shark Tank investments are crypto-related.”

Coban suggested that a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, could work to perform colonoscopy and other basic medical procedures. He also stated that many new companies based on the crypto economy – decentralized and untrusted – would destroy traditional institutions, including banking, insurance, and the book industry.

“It was 1995 for crypto,” Cuba said, referring to the fact that the cryptocurrency industry was still internet-like:

“[Cryptocurrency] is hard to fathom and that’s a problem, but within ten years these apps – which will succeed – will create their own economy, and like in the days of the internet, the younger generation will know about it first and be creative.”
The Shark Tank star’s attitude toward crypto has changed dramatically in recent years, and he once said he prefers bananas to gold or BTC. The billionaire investor has since backed Polygon, invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in token carbon payouts, and advocated more rules for stablecoins.

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Stewart has proposed improving control of space as a technological and economic issue, rather than as one consisting entirely of a monetary system, but he still expresses concern about leaving solutions to any number. Earlier, the comedian joked that in 2021 he will launch an emblematic project with his name:

Source: CoinTelegraph