Lawyers negotiating on behalf of Arthur Hayes, one of the four BitMEX executives and co-owners accused of violating the Banking Secrecy Act by US authorities, finalized the terms of his alleged voluntary transfer to Hawaii court on April 6.

The letter sent to the Southern District Court in New York states that the attorney’s negotiations with the government on Hays’ behalf began shortly after the indictment was dropped in October 2020. The proposed bail conditions, subject to court approval, state that Hays, who has resided in Singapore since January 2020, they will likely be released on a $ 10 million personal bail guaranteed with one million dollars in cash signed by her mother.

Additional proposed conditions include retaining a Hays passport for travel between Singapore and the United States and enforcing waiver of extradition as agreed by the government and Hays’ defense. Regarding logistical issues associated with travel during the COV-19 pandemic, the consultant is requesting the release of Hayes on the day of his debut on April 6, provided that the bond is signed within ten days of that date and that he pays $ 1 million. . Cash insurance within five days.

The letter indicates that the United States government has contacted the local FBI office in Honolulu to arrange logistics and transportation in connection with the Hays trial in Hawaii. Interview negotiations will be conducted with legal services online, and Hayes will have to be placed in quarantine in Hawaii before returning to Singapore. The counselor invites him to travel to New York to appear in court in the future and to meet with the attorneys needed for the criminal case.

The case against Hayes and his colleagues reportedly began on October 1, 2020, when the US Department of Justice opened a criminal case against him and three other executives over alleged BSA violations in their transactions on the BitMEX cryptocurrency trading platform.

Additionally, the CFTC has filed a civil case against four people, in this case for alleged violations of anti-money laundering regulations.

BitMEX co-owner Ben Dell is also negotiating a voluntary surrender in New York by the end of March, subject to the removal of immigration barriers. Meanwhile, co-owner Greg Dwyer refused to surrender and faced extradition issues from his current location in Bermuda. The latest defendant, BitMEX CTO Samuel Reid, was released from custody on an unsecured $ 5 million bond shortly after his arrest in Massachusetts in October. Agreed to conduct a criminal case.

Source: CoinTelegraph