As well-known payment processors such as Visa and Mastercard increasingly incorporate blockchain technology into payment systems, decentralized platforms are gaining momentum that provide better solutions to problems such as scalability and fast transaction times.

COTI is one such platform that has gained traction in recent weeks following a series of network updates, and major announcements have increased interest in the enterprise-class fintech platform.

According to the COTI website, the protocol aims to allow organizations to create their own payment solutions and digitize any form of currency to save time and money.

Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView show that the COTI price has risen 345% in the last month, rising from $ 0.63 on February 4 to a full-time high of $ 0.283 on March 5, as investor interest increased after COTI. release. Bet 3.0 March 1st.

Fiat storage and protocol updates help increase community engagement
In addition to the release of Staking 3.0, COTI also received an extra dose of enthusiasm on March 3, when it was announced that Apple Pay users can now purchase COTI through a partnership with Simplex.

Browsing the Twitter feed for the project indicates an active February for the COTI ecosystem. The list of several partnerships and integrations shows that interoperability is one of the ultimate goals of the protocol.

SushiSwap also announced the launch of the ETH-COTI pair on February 26 as a way to expand user reach and increase liquidity token, and the January release of the cryptocurrency volatility indicator continues to attract new attention following a recent improvement in the code that helped cut gas . … The cost of using the index has increased by 50%.

In February, COTI also set a record for the volume of business transactions, reaching 18.16 million. The team is currently planning to increase the number of online assistants in addition to renewing their existing contract.

The growing importance of Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain technology may lead to increased awareness of the COTI platform as small and large businesses seek to integrate blockchain payment cores and create incoming currencies.

Recent interest rate updates and an increase in fiat money have provided the project with a good basis for further growth as the current bull cycle continues to unfold.

Source: CoinTelegraph