Hopium is back on the list of solo bitcoin (BTC) miners. A reward of nearly $240,000, or 6.25 bitcoins, was received by another solo miner on Tuesday morning.

This time, the odds were less than 20%, according to Con Kolivas, the bitcoin software engineer in charge of CKPool, whose name is taken from his initials. This is CKPool’s fourth “block find” since January 11th.

Colivas tweeted congratulations to a miner who has joined the ranks of the very few and lucky successful solo BTC miners.

Courageous Miner is owned by Solo CKPool, a service that offers bitcoin solo mining for a fee. At 1.14 petahash per second (PH/s), the miner is considered a “whale” miner with a high hash rate for one unit.

A new bitcoin block is solved roughly every 10 minutes by miners competing with the hash rate of the entire bitcoin network. In comparison, the largest contributor to the network hash rate is the US Bitcoin mining factory with 33,803 PH/s.

A Twitter user calculated that even if 1.14 PH/s is sufficient, it is still less than a room full of S19, Antminer’s most important mining product.

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CKPool has recently taken the mining world by storm. A bitcoin miner with a hashrate of 126 terahashes per second (TH/s) — possibly one S19 machine — resolved a valid block on January 12th. Unlikely to solve another valid block.

During the lifetime of the bitcoin blockchain, 264 blocks, or 0.037% of the 721,240 blocks, have been solved by individual CK-affiliated bitcoin miners. Although the chances of the soloists are clear, they continue to surprise and delight Bitcoin.

Source: CoinTelegraph