American grocery chain Kroger has rejected claims that it accepts cryptocurrency payments.

The major retailer said the press release that it would accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in all of its stores as well as online purchases was a hoax.

According to Reuters, Kroger is the second retailer to recently fall victim to such a scam.

Kruger was previously involved in cryptocurrency; In 2020, the company began offering bitcoin (BTC) rewards in its store through the cryptocurrency rewards platform Lolli.

Crypto has gradually made its way into grocery stores in various forms vertically. In 2019, Safeway – another major U.S. grocery chain – began offering bitcoin rewards through Lolli, just like Kroger.

Earlier this summer, Crypto ATM Coin Cloud announced that it is preparing to install machines in 29 H-E-B stores in Houston, Texas.

The underlying blockchain technology for cryptocurrency has been found to play an important role in the grocery industry. A 2019 study by research firm Gartner found that 20% of the world’s top 10 grocery stores will use blockchain by 2025.

Source: CoinTelegraph