The competition between computer networks is starting to heat up, and decentralized players are entering the scene with the support of the crypto ecosystem.

Decentralized Storage and Data Network has completed a $10 million funding round led by Stratus Technologies. Zeeprime, NOIA Capital, Theia, Bitfwd Capital, Token Ventures, and Seven Capital, among others, contributed to the funding. According to the announcement, a network over the blockchain aims to provide fully decentralized computing power and censorship-resistant data storage. marked its first publication for a computer resource contract in January after a funding round. Nodes will eventually become the most important source of computing power for a decentralized network. rewards the main channel nodes with the original ALEPH network token. The new funding will allow to increase its ability to pay the minimum wage from the current 70 main channels to 150 node operators. This extension aims to create a distributed network of virtual machines to enable full decentralization of major blockchain developers and decentralized applications (DApps).

After launching the networked data nodes, also plans to activate the storage contract in 2022, according to founder Jonathan Schmull. He added that decentralized storage will enable Web3, DApps and protocol developers to “completely decentralize right up to the last part of their development package.”

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Rennick Pally of Stratos Technologies noted that Web3 development will continue to rely on a small number of service providers until the full suite that supports computing and processing power is decentralized.

“’s efforts benefit the industry as a whole, and for that reason, we are proud to contribute to a stronger effort and move toward a truly decentralized integrated architecture.”
Last year, introduced a DA application that allows users to automatically backup data behind non-fungible tokens. Game giant Ubisoft has selected to participate in the sixth season of Ubisoft’s Entrepreneur Lab. Despite setbacks from the gaming community, Ubisoft joined the network as a channel node operator.

Source: CoinTelegraph