AI is taking crypto trading to a whole new level. This is how


The current market landscape is challenging for crypto investors, but the DAO argues that AI-powered portfolios can give traders a distinct edge.
It has been a tough couple of months for the crypto market, with bitcoin posting consecutive losses for an unprecedented number of weeks.

And the decentralized autonomous organization behind the AI-powered DeFi crypto portfolio says the current downturn highlights why traders need cutting-edge tools to stay ahead of the game.

SingularityDAO’s flagship product, DynaSets, entered closed beta testing between December and March, and testing is currently ongoing in an open environment.

By the end of June, version 1 will be officially launched and will feature a redesigned user interface, offering DynaSets customers an intuitive interface complete with a strong branding.

Although the trading strategy was only used for long positions during the beta period, the team will introduce options for shorting the market and applying leverage to trades at the launch of V1.

At the conclusion of beta testing, all three DynaSets outperformed the market by over 15%, outperforming many of the leading crypto funds. While the current open beta is not yet complete, the numbers highlight the effectiveness of dynasets and their ability to protect stocks during bear markets.

SingularityDAO CEO Marcello Mari told Cointelegraph, “Current market conditions clearly demonstrate the need for AI-based decentralized asset management solutions to support decision making.

“It should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford and access enterprise-grade trading tools. The results from DynaSets are extremely encouraging and show us that we are on the right track, especially with the release of our cutting edge V1 platform.”

The issue of access is important, especially in a world of digital assets that is meant to be a level playing field, where everyday investors have an equal opportunity with those with millions of dollars in the bank.

How it works?
SingularityDAO says its dynamic asset manager is powered by artificial intelligence to track market trends and manage assets. DynaSet transactions are pooled so that users end up spending less transaction fees.

Other features include staking, not to mention an unrelated staking program that allows users to withdraw their tokens at any time. While this last feature may not offer much benefit given the turbulence we’re seeing in the market right now, it can provide some peace of mind and some much-needed flexibility.

Elsewhere, the SingularityDAO launchpad features only the best new products from its own ecosystem, as well as interesting external concepts.

Become a chain agnostic
SingularityDAO says it will have ambitions over time to become chain independent — and give users the freedom to connect to any chain they want. This is a much-needed boost when it comes to interoperability and breaking down the silos that have arisen in the blockchain world.

Looking ahead, the DeFi dashboard will provide users with the benefit of “enhanced understanding” of their portfolios by separating the signal from the noise and identifying trends that may have been missed by other data platforms. Knowledge is power, and bear markets present new challenges for investors trying to protect their capital.

In May 2022, SingularityNET and SingularityDAO received a $24 million commitment from LDA Capital Limited to accelerate the release of their products and enable greater adoption of AI tools. The announcement cited figures showing that the global AI software market will reach $126 billion by 2025.

DynaSet on the BNB network is scheduled to launch by the end of June, and as we approach the third quarter of this year, it is planned to launch for the first time an AI powered DynaSet using trading bots to automatically generate new one Balances tokens, keeping human traders constantly informed. DynaSets will also debut on EVM compatible blockchains such as Avalanche.

Source: CoinTelegraph


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