During the Christmas meeting, which raised Bitcoin to a higher level, a few recent tweets indicate that the former cryptocurrency critic is continuing to take steps toward a full-fledged mass transformation: billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

The tweet came on December 23, when Cubans announced that fans who had purchased Mavericks would receive a 25% discount on their bitcoin purchases. However, oddly enough, the Cuban report says instead that buyers who purchase equipment over $ 150 with Bitcoin will receive a $ 25 gift card, not to mention a 25% discount:

Offering this gift card, coupled with the Mavericks’ broader policy of accepting bitcoins as a way to pay for tickets, some observers find it odd given Cuba’s history of acquiring the original. Earlier in 2020, he flicked a singer he launched in September 2019: He prefers bananas over Bitcoin as a commodity.

Many describe how to access Bitcoin’s benefits as a store of value, as a process, rather than an event, and Kubin appears to be taking the necessary steps.

In just a tweet today, Cobain appeared to praise Bitcoin’s automated monetary policy and said listed companies would be wise to curb stock inflation:

This is a positive comment and part of a year of ongoing work that has put Cuban on Cointelegraph’s list of Bitcoin critics who disappeared in 2020.

However, traders should be careful about accepting another member.

Source: CoinTelegraph