Centralized exchanges remain one of the most widely used tools for investors to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies, often compared to the level of security and monitoring that a third party can provide to an end user. Remember that thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars can be lost without a central exchange if an investor forgets his key.

While many see the benefits of centralized exchanges, the concept is misleading compared to the decentralized assets that investors use in their transactions. In addition to centralization, a number of hacks, scams, market manipulation and artificially inflated trading volumes have emerged. As a result, decentralized management and trading of digital assets continues to grow exponentially and is now positioned as the new foundation for the financial world. With a decentralized infrastructure comes an exchange system that is more transparent, flexible and less prone to corruption.

To bring this concept to life, the Alf Protocol was created to maximize the supply of liquidity (LP) in such a way that it effectively handles the distribution of capital between traders and investors, features available through AlfMM (DEX service) in a niche ecosystem emerging around the Solana network (SOL).

Using Solana’s solid foundation, Alf has effectively become a set of protocols that brings together traders at all levels of risk to make trades, simplify liquidity and improve capital efficiency. Leveraged positions are currently available through leveraged long and short transactions and LP income farming.

Increasing their blockchain liquidity efforts has led to the addition of several signed partnerships with venture capitalists (VCs). The team believes these partnerships will be crucial to the Alf Protocol’s ongoing efforts to reach out to their community.

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Key VCs that have invested in the project include DustVentures, Zen Capital, Dib Ventures, Scorpio and Alpha Hunt VC, one of their main goals is to further the protocol by providing liquidity.

VC Zen Capital is known as one of the most active projects in space, focusing on the DeFi industry, protocols, blockchain-based games and the larger metaverse. The fund has already shown interest in the potential of the digital economy, with Ertha, Spellfire, Solchicks and ReadyplayerDAO already in its portfolio.

Next to ZenCapital is Dust Ventures, a venture capital firm with experience in investing in cryptocurrencies and promising startups. The team incubates these projects through early support, and directs its ongoing efforts towards innovation in the cryptocurrency area.

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The investment fund DibVentures also joins the ranks, focusing on blockchain technology and the larger digital currency ecosystem. Their team has a diverse background, which is evident in their commitment to identifying, researching and funding projects they see as revolutionary in the industry.

Another notable company is Scorpio VC, an asset management company that manages short-term quantitative funds, digital asset funds, e-commerce and real economic activities, among other things. The key to their efforts is the ability to solve financial and resource problems for SMEs, increase liquidity and accelerate the development of related projects.

On the latest list is Alpha Hunt Club, a group of veteran investors working with young blockchain and cryptocurrency companies to help accelerate their growth. The team continues to search (hence the name) for new interesting blockchain projects to form mutually beneficial relationships.

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The team’s continued success over the past year is evidenced by the large number of venture capital firms that have joined the project as strategic partners.

To maintain the same momentum, the team shared its goals for 2022, which include full development and launch of the protocol, as well as several new partnerships.

Source: CoinTelegraph