While some investors are quite good at buying and selling cryptocurrency, the sad truth is that nearly 90% of traders lose money. Losses usually arise for several reasons. Newbies may lack knowledge, and intermediate or advanced traders may have a lack of time to observe the market.

To solve this problem, investors often resort to copy trading. Copying trades allows beginners to make money by copying other trades, eliminating the need to study the market. In addition, intermediate or advanced traders can take advantage of the simplicity offered by these platforms, which reduces the time they spend looking at charts.

Realizing this, Bitget has since become popular as the world’s largest cryptocurrency copying platform, supporting both futures and spot trading. Over the past three years, the platform has launched three major products including USDT margin contracts, one-click copy trade, and Quanto Swap contract. Together, the platform aims to provide customers from all over the world with a free, unmatched and fair trading experience, and supports the mission of Better Trading, Better Life.

Although the platform was founded in Singapore, the company has experienced a phase of rapid growth with continued global expansion in Japan, South Korea, Russia, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and several regions in Europe. Since then, the team has announced the first ever global trading competition known as the King’s Cup Global Invitational (KCGI), a unique opportunity for investors to prove their skills.

Global competition
This commercial competition was launched in response to the rapid development of the platform as a global company with the aim of attracting more international users, increasing brand awareness and increasing its influence in the derivatives sector. The invitation to participate in the global competition extends to any trader who wants to win digital treasures.

The competition is held annually, and this year’s theme is “Protect the Earth from the invasion of pixels.” In addition to the theme, the advertisements of the trade competition contain a story about an unearthly civilization. The story unfolds in greater detail and depicts a scene six light years away where a quantum civilization is planning an assault on Earth in search of a better habitat.

In this era, the most advanced weaponry can transform devices into pixels as soon as the device comes into contact with the pixel particles. In this situation, people have no choice but to defend their homeland. As a result, an anti-pixel alliance of race car drivers, game masters and many more is trying to fight a quantum civilization.

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With this story in mind, a team can further break down the details of the competition and say, “The competition includes a team battle and an individual competition with a prize pool of 100 BTC.” With the aim of “rewarding new and returning users,” the team is also offering “more events such as City Assembly, Lords Assembly, Airdrop for All, Lucky Lottery, post-competition rewards and Early Bird bonuses, offering a total of 5 million BGB. ”

In more detail, the team match (zone) will be divided into ten teams with the highest earnings. The top 7 captains by income will also be eligible for a custom NFT token with silicon, gold, earth, wind, water, fire or thunder. Users will be divided into superleaders and superheroes in an individual competition based on income rankings.

The competition period will run from October 30 to November 20 at 10:00 (UTC + 8). However, participating users must register between October 20 and November 4 at. 10.00 (UTC + 8).

Source: CoinTelegraph