A play-to-earn blockchain envisions a revolutionary token economy through the ‘perfect combination’ of DeFi and NFTs


The new era of blockchain-based gaming includes more than cutting edge graphics and cutting edge gameplay. By utilizing technologies that enable decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), in-game incentives can become real monetary rewards.

Dragon Mainland is a money earning game that combines PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment), War, Dragon Breeding, Free Trade and NFT Collecting. By consuming the skulls of other dragons, players can upgrade their dragons and earn in-game cryptocurrency. The platform takes it a step further by offering players the opportunity to earn more by trading NFTs collected in-game and participating in DeFi events.

By contributing to the ecosystem or by developing gaming skills, players can earn DMS tokens or “Dragon Mainland Shards” – digital assets to implement ecological co-building.

According to the platform, once the game is distributed, the game developer will have no control over it. Instead, the DAO will be solely responsible for verifying all transactions without the involvement of a third-party platform.

Enter the dragon
Inspired by the movie How to Train Your Dragon, Dragon Mainland is based on dragon breeding and fighting. There are five types of kites: fire, water, wind, stone, and thunder, and each has different skills and characteristics.

In order to improve the current dragon modifiers, players must consume kite skulls of the same type. Dragon Skulls can be obtained by burning DMS Tokens to open the Dragon Treasure Chest, by purchasing them from the market or some special event.

More information of dragon materials here
The game promises an immersive 3D experience with roguelike gameplay and AR art. Unlike most other blockchain games, in-game Dragon Mainland matches will provide players with more than just another way to level up. These in-game battles will ultimately determine the computing power of the blockchain network, which in turn will increase the efficiency of cash recovery.

To get the dragon, players must participate in the sale of the Genesis Dragon Egg. There are a total of 10,000 Fire Dragon Eggs from Genesis, but so far, the platform has sold 1,000 Fire Dragon Eggs in an exciting 3-second sale.

Sustainable GameFi Ecosystem
The player’s income is divided into two categories: income from the game and income from cash from the kites that place bets. The amount of income in the game is determined by the difficulty level of the dungeon, and tokens are earned by capturing the level of the monster.

DMS tokens can be used to buy merchandise in the market, manage, share, extract liquidity, kite and receive profits in the market. According to the Dragon Mainland, DMS holders who share their coins and provide liquidity will be eligible to receive the rewards. The maximum access to these tokens is 1,000,000,000 and they will never be issued.

Meanwhile, Dragon Miracle Potion (DMP) is a functional token released by the platform with unlimited aggregate supply. DMP tokens can only be obtained through game capture tools and for completing daily tasks. These tokens will be consumed while flying kites, eating kite skulls, and swallowing other kites.

In addition to the platform’s revenue pool, players can earn through a number of innovations introduced by the Dragon Mainland, such as DeFi redemption of mortgages, dynamic rare gaming features, DAO game engine management, and NFT trading.

All NFT data will be stored on the Filecoin network to maintain the decentralized integrity of the tokenized collection.

Dragon Mainland describes its token economy system as one that “perfectly combines DeFi and NFT in a crypto world” and uses economic engines and gaming systems to empower users, creating a unique and sustainable game financial ecosystem.

The platform anticipates that when all these elements are implemented, Dragon Mainland will become more than just a blockchain-based RPG. By combining the best aspects of the current DeFi infrastructure with the NFT trading and gaming experience, gamers will be part of the new GameFi ecosystem. And as with most things in the metaverse, early adopters are likely to benefit the most.

Source: CoinTelegraph


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