The “Pure Gold Cube” cryptocurrency campaign that appeared in New York this week was empty inside, with web viewers ridiculing the gimmick as a worthy critique of the extravagant promises of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Artnet reported on Wednesday that an $ 11.7 million, 24-carat gold cube worth $ 11.7 million was placed in Central Park surrounded by “high-security details” as part of the promotion of German artist Niklas Castello’s crypto project called Castello Coin (CAST).

According to the project’s website, CAST will be the first cryptocurrency in history to “reach its level of acceptance through unique physical work” in an attempt to bring together worlds of traditional finance, art and cryptocurrencies. It also includes the Non-Fungible Token Project (NFT), which will be launched later this month.

“The currency acts as a bridge between a world of traditional financial finance, a world of traditional forms of investment, traditional art, the new world, the world of cryptocurrency and the digital age,” the website states.

Although Artnet noted in its article that “the cube measures over one and a half feet on all sides and has a wall thickness of about a quarter of an inch”, a Twitter post described it as “pure gold” and was widely circulated. as such.

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After the bomb was discovered by the pioneers of Investigation Park in New York, many people made fun of the online game Pure Gold Cube, and some speculated that the hollow gold cube summed up the common complaint that the technology promised huge uses, but did not. work. actually deliver something.

Other critics have pointed to the project’s lack of flair to create a multi-million dollar gold item among the local homeless community, with GBH reporter Tori Bedford stating that:

To draw attention to the upcoming launch of his new cryptocurrency, the German artist Niklas Castillo erected this cube in Central Park, where, according to the latest census, 125 people live. Four days ago, a man was found dead in a tent just half a mile away. “.

Source: CoinTelegraph