BitBay from Estonia was disconnected from cryptocurrency for almost two hours on Monday without explanation.

According to a tweet posted by BitBay on October 12, the stock market fell at 16:28 (UTC) today before trading resumed at 18:10. BitBay released an update before addressing an unnamed issue, announcing its plan to launch a “prohibited transaction processing potential” platform. Users had 30 minutes to cancel offers listed on the stock exchange shortly before they were canceled.

This incident was BitBay’s second unplanned power outage in 2020. In March, users failed to trade for more than 18 hours after the stock exchange reported that it had a “network problem” caused by a “third-party service provider.”

Today’s immediate error has caused much less concern for social media than an episode earlier this year, but at least one user pointed to BitBay’s issues in March.

“Are you playing with your investor sentiment?” This was reported by Crypto Twitter user Binod Kumar. “It still does not work.”

BitBay claims to have an annual volume of 547,000 bitcoins (BTC), or about $ 6.4 billion at the time of writing.

Source: CoinTelegraph